Many Doctors & their staff people do Not realize that the experience patient gets in the clinic or hospital are very important. It decides whether the patient will come back or not.

Guinness Book Record holder Joe Girad (who sold more cars every year thanks any other sales person in world for consecutive 5-6 years) states a law of 250. In simple terms it goes like this –
“ If I get one person as patient & make him very happy, then I get access to His network of 250 patients.”

This is the average number of people a common person knows.

Forget 250. I say, if you get ONLY 25 referred patients from 1 new patient, can you imagine WHAT would happen to your practice?

Let’s play here for a moment. Assume that you get ONLY 1 New patient Every day.

And so on . . . . .  Let’s assume we reach up to 5 th  level only. & This occurs over a period of 5 FULL YEARS.

I am not saying 6 months or 1 year. I am saying that it takes you 5 years to reach.

Still, the number of patients you’ll have is too big.

Actually, it will be = 5yrs =
Level 1 = 25 Patients
Level 2 = 25 x 5 = 125 patients
Level 3 = 25 X 5 X 5 = 625 patients
Level 4 = 25 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 3125 patients
Level 5 = 25 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 15625 patients

Now is it worth working on EACH of your patients so that you shall reach to 15000 patients in NEXT WHOLE 5 YEARS?

That is = Per year = 3000 new patients
Per month = 250 New patients
Per day = 10 New patients

Now I know we’ve to be realistic. So let’s cut this number by HALF.

It will become = 7500 patients in 5 years.
That is = Per year = 1500 new patients
Per month = 125 New patients
Per day = 5 New patients

I think most of you will VERY satisfied to reach this number, right?

But important question is, “Are you ready to do what it takes to reach  his  number?”
The answer will determine how successful you’ll become in your practice.

If you said YES, then the next steps are pretty easy.
“Make sure that your EACH patient gets
treated like a VIP & make his experience
VERY Unique, Interesting & memorable.”
That’s it.

Do this & soon you will need assistant Doctors to help you out to handle daily  flow.

In the practice Building Audio Program “Critical non-essentials”, I’ve described this in much detail.

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