Good evening,

Running a business and making it successful is tough. As an owner of the Business,You've to take care of many things.

Customers. Finances. Staff. Quality. Service.

As they say, "The buck stops with you."

Due to this, It's obvious that some of the areas may get less attention than others in your business. Even with a team to help you, this is unavoidable.

Some mistakes can be rectified easily. Without much damage.

Some can not.

Today, we'll discuss about 7 such mistakes that could be fatal to any business.

If any business-owner keep on making these mistakes, then very soon he or she finds the business in trouble.

You can avoid this.

Luckily, I've written a special business report viz .. .

Rajesh Gurule's '7 Business Mistakes 97 % Businesses Make'.

By knowing and avoiding these 7 Business mistakes described in this Business report.

In addition to my clients I am making this available for all businesses.

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I would love to know your opinion and your thoughts about this business Report. Pl share is with me.


Rajesh Gurule

Business Consultant. Coach. Trainer.

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