This may come as a shock to you, but it’s true. You cannot hope to market your properties to everyone, even if you think everyone needs them. I’m not saying you can’t be successful doing this. What I’m saying is you really do limit your potential by not focusing on select groups of people or prospects.

These specific groups are called “niches.” By focusing on one or more niches you’re able to connect with these people at a much higher level, and consequently you automatically gain more business. I’m sure you’ve heard people say things like, “This person really connects with me, they really under- stand my business.”

This is what you do when you choose to market to these different groups. Think about it… What’s also important to understand is that certain groups of people or businesses are more likely to want and need your properties more than others. More importantly your niche must focus on the groups who can AFFORD your products or services.

There’s no point in targeting groups who want andneed your products or services if many of them can’t afford to buy or pay for them! A common question I’m often asked is this – “If I limit my market won’t I be reducing the chances of doing business with more people?” Of course you will, but to succeed in today’s competitive market place you need to concentrate your marketing on a smaller number of well chosen segments or niches into which you pour all your resources.

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