The old-time advertising man promised everything. Just give him a bottle – a fancy label – and advertising. A fortune was guaran- teed. He could increase your sales from 1000 per cent to 10,000 per cent in a few months and if that percentage wasn’t large enough, he would quote you a bigger amount.

The quality of your product didn’t matter. The magic of his advertising was all that was necessary. Unfortunately, there are present today numerous descendants of the old-time advertising man. Under stress of competition they will often make promises that only miracles can fulfill. I have just read a letter from an office which says : “We didn’t get the Blank account because a newly established agency guaranteed a sales increase of thirty-three and one-third per cent within one year with the proviso that they themselves would pay half the cost of the advertising campaign if the quota was not reached.” The product to be advertised is not important. The manufacturer has a large, successful business, and with competitive conditions as keen as they are, a ten per cent annual sales increase would ordinarily delight him.

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