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Facebook Marketing Success Case Study


Facebook is very powerful media – if used correctly. Recently promoting a Client’s business we realized this again. The results are so good & client is very happy with overall campaigns that we are running for him.

Here are the stats. Once you go through it, then below are the campaign details.

1.    Account Opened = April 10

So this is new account. There are huge limitations on new accounts by Facebook.  Means you cannot promote very aggressively from new accounts. As your accounts ages, Facebook becomes more Lenient.

So New accounts,     
Friend = 0            Pages = 0        likes = 0             Shares = 0       Impressions = 0   Reach = 0

2.    Recent Stats = (After 45 days)

Freinds =     505     Pages =     01      likes =     1,049    Shares =     1,072     Impressions =     10,789    Reach =     10,789

icon-1243673_960_720Now for some of you, this may be low & for some it may be high. It depends from where you are coming.

But overall, for a legitimate business that plans to turn online campaigns & digital marketing for a long run, these are pretty good numbers.

How we did this?


I’ll share with you all the campaigns that we are running for this client. It will give you an idea what is possible via Facebook.

IMP –     More than 93% of people & business owners think that ONLY thing important on Facebook is to post good content on their pages & walls. That is absolutely incorrect. Facebook has invented so many ways to promote & market that it’s difficult to use all of those ways. But keep in mind that you must do many other activities in addition to post the content on Facebook.

Campaign 01 – Page Creation


It’s not easy to create attention grabbing page that effectively promotes your page. There are @ 107 fields to till when you want a good page.

And this is done meticulously with persuasive content for Facebook Page.

If you are using less than 10 of these fields, then you are NOT using full potential of your page.

For this page, we’ve used 63 of 107 fields. And plan to use remaining ones in next 2 months.

Campaign 02 – Paid Facebook Ads to get Launching Likes.


When you’ve new account with no friends, how would you proceed further? No friends, how would you proceed further?  No friends &  No Likes, then no promotions.

To overcome this, we launched first paid ads Facebook Campaigns. The audience was selected by creating detailed ‘Customer profile’. And we mean detailed! It took us 6 hrs with Client to create appropriate profile.

It included everything about target customers – Age, Social habits, Family, Financials, hobbies, other demographics, interest & hobbies.

With this profile we started our campaign with Facebook power Editor.

Power editor is tremendously effective & powerful tool to use for Facebook Ads. The problem with it is too elaborate. We’ve specially done a course of 1 month’s duration to understand power editor.

That’s the reason even Digital marketing companies avoid to use it. All they do is ‘Boost Post’.

But remember Boosting post is NOT optimum use of your marketing money.

Coming back to launching likes – we started the campaign & in few minutes started getting likes to this new page.

May 25 = Total Likes – 849

Campaign 03 – Adding Friends to new account

Facebook is a social media where people come to meet chat with their friends. So if you don’t have any friends then it’s of no use.
We started friends campaign. Here again ‘customer profile’ helped. Initial friend requests were sent to real friends as well as a mix of –

a)    Acquaintancescommunications-1297590_960_720
b)    City People
c)    Industry influencers
d)    Later, friends of friends
e)    Facebook suggested friends.

All these have resulted in 505 total friends as on 25th May 16.

Campaign 04 – Quality content posting on ‘Wall & Facebook Page’


facebook-1261834_960_720Quality content is king on Facebook. Quality content means content which attract & interest target customers & so they will share it with others.

Creating such content is key on Facebook to get success.

A solid 3 months content plan was created with 14 types of post’s contents. Each type was used 4-5 times only in all 3 months.
Highly skilled designers & persuasive & experienced copywriters with years of experience developed this content. It’s quality staff.
Once content was ready for new days, we started the posting campaign. This was posted on 30-40 places everyday to get maximum results.

In a week’s time, this quality contents started working its magic. And soon people started sharing & commenting this content.

This important thing here is Reach of your posts. Just look at picture & see how it started going viral.

Capture 5I’ve been telling my clients & others, too, that ONLY posting will NOT give any results. Your posts must reach to your target customers.


Many people simply focus on posting number of times a day. Infact many Digital Marketing Companies tell clients that they will post ‘So many’ or ‘Number’ of posts on Facebook. It’s not sufficient if you are not combining it with other campaigns. As on May 25, 2016, here’s the combined reach of posts on this Client’s campaign.


Campaign 05 – Groups Posting


group-239251_960_720Groups marketing is tremendously powerful on Facebook. A warning the only condition is you must know what you are doing. Otherwise, it will not only backfire but Facebook might even ban your account.

Having said that, we’ve used groups for this client in 4 ways.

Some of the posts were customized according to group’s previous postings. Interacting with other members of the groups was also an important activity.

This generated very good traffic to Facebook page as well as to client’s website.

About 30-40% of the efforts were focused on group activities.

Campaign 06 – Social networking


icon-set-1175045_960_720As said previously, the main purpose of  Facebook is networking with your friends & acquaintances. While doing social marketing we tend to target this very thing.

With all other campaigns, we were working at networking. There are Total 6 different activities done under this Everyday.
Because of this the account & business page is growing & buzzing with shares & views.



Here are couple of screenshots.

There are 3 other Campaigns that we ran. I’ll share those with you next time.

Capture 4

The overall result of all these Campaigns is very nice few more Campaigns such as ‘Out Reach’.

Will keep you posted about it.

Till then, good-bye.

Rajesh Gurule
Adman Digital Marketing