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Character being the result of tendencies and ideas, as we have shown you, it is reasonable that man may forge for himself whatsoever brand of character he desires by the education and exercise of the will, because the will is just a way, or a very intricately complex way, that man has of being and doing.

The importance of bringing to your aid this apprentice, the “Will,” and educating him to do your bidding, cannot be overestimated; it is a most vital factor in your development. The education of the Will is accomplished by exercise and thought along positive lines.

A man who thinks along passive lines, letting the thoughts of others sift aimlessly through the avenues of his brain, will neither educate nor energize the will. The education of the will is more interesting and of more importance than the education of any of the other of your apprentices, because Will controls and directs every movement of the body and is ruler of all man’s mental faculties. When a man wills to do anything, he does it.

Will is active, aggressive, and forceful. Forceful thought, is the power back of the will which energizes it, so that it is able to control action. We can drag in by force, as it were, any idea which we wish to use as a starting point for a new direction of thought, to be used in gaining a victory over any other line of thought. “Man is master of suggestion if he will but use the Will with which nature has endowed him. It is principally through the energy of the Will that all other faculties are developed, but like all others it remains inactive unless exercised.