My business is the necessary one of selling goods by the use of type, ink and paper. It requires, first, a definite plan made to fit the business under consideration. The plan varies according to conditions and the result desired just as the plans for a cottage and a skyscraper differ in design and detail. The ability to make a successful plan, either in advertising or in architecture, must come from training, experience, and perhaps some natural aptitude. A business man uses law, medicine, architecture and advertising.

The wise man buys what he needs of the training and ability of specialists in each line and so leaves his time and mind free for the practice of the things for which he is fitted by his own aptitude and training. A good working plan secured, the rest is detail—but it is important detail, the execution of which calls for a technical skill that is acquired only by long and studious experience.

No matter what natural ability a man may have, a knowledge of types and inks; of engraving, electrotypes and presses; of drawing and painting and writing; of newspaper rates, circulations and values, is not born with him and must be secured by either training or purchase. The fact that no one man can possibly learn and know all of the details of all of these things is the force which has led me to gather around me the staff” and equipment of which the pictures in this book 1 give evidence.

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