Video marketing is at it’s all time high. But there is no sign of stopping it anywhere in near future.

So the million dollar question is – how can you use videos as content in your marketing mix?

The answer is very simple – by creating & producing lots of videos.

Even though the answer is simple in theory, it’s not so simple in reality.

It requires huge efforts to create a decent video.
You need good footage.
You need editing skills/editors.
You need to polish the videos to the acceptable professional level.
Then you need to re-edit the video.

And so on & on.

Note that this all you have to do for producing just 1 video.

Whereas to dominate your niche or local market, you need to create many many videos. 10 – 20 – 30 or more a month.

Imagine doing all the above steps 30 times in a month & you will know why even the ad agencies & marketing agencies do not recommend videos much. Of course if you are ready to spend huge money, then everybody will produce decent video for you.

But a small to medium business doesn’t have that kind of resources.

The dilemma is – You want to produce videos to increase your sales. But you don’t want to spend huge money. And to do it inhouse you don’t have the resources.

So what’s the solution?

The solutions is Invideo – SaaS based Video creation tool that runs online.

You can check out their website at

Invideo has made video creation very simple. Once you learn the interface & basic things from their video tutorials, then most of the things are self explanatory.

Currently there are 4 ways that we are using Invideo for our own videos as well as for making our client’s videos.

Video type 1 – Polishing on camera videos & putting professional effects &

touches to those videos.

We record many videos from the training programs that I conduct. Same is with many of my clients. 

We import those videos in Invideo. Then Opening slide & End slides are created.

Invideo has tons of ways to make Text look good & impressive.

Also there are various transitions & enhancers such as overlays, stickers that are used to make the video real good.

Then we put on the logo on each slide.

Once satisfied the video is published & downloaded.

Normally these videos are 2, 3 or 5+ minutes long.

Video type 2 – Short Promotional videos for social media like Facebook &


Video ads are preferred by social media such as Facebook & Youtube. Many a times, you need multiple versions of the same ad. For split testing purposes. Say, you want to change only headline but want to keep everything else same.

This is super easy to do with Invideo. With just few clicks, your entire video is duplicated & you simply go & edit the headline or any other element. That’s it.

Try doing that with regular software & you will understand the ease of use of programs like Invideo.

Video type 3 – Mash up videos – Mash up is basically a video made up of many small clips.

We have tried many many desktop software to do create mash ups. But it is really difficult to do so in short time. If you have weeks & weeks for editing, then it’s ok. Otherwise it’s a great headache.

It’s super easy to create this type of video in Invideo. All we do is import various clips to Invideo. Trim the length of the video as required. Put up an energetic transition. Add music. And you are done.

One of the video that I have created for my own consulting services has been quite popular among my clients & viewers.

Video type 4 – Combining different types of videos

We create videos where we need to explain things. So screen recording is used for that. Then there is head shot. Then there is stock footage we need to use. Then there are images or logos that we need to add.

In traditional desktop software, this creates a workflow that is manageable by a full time video editor – nothing less. And even with that you will get very small number of actual finished videos at the end of the month.

With Invideo, it’s so easy. Simply import the various types of videos on separate slide. Edit it separately. And you are done.

Especially creating Intro & Outro, the process is very easy. Invideo gives you various options for the text you put & you are going to like at least few of them. All you have to do is select & your video Intro or Outro is ready.

Video Type 5 – Article to video

Imagine – You have written a great article. Everybody praises it. You want to create a video based on that article. How would you do that?

With Invideo, you simply copy paste that article into the program, click a button. And first draft of your video becomes ready.

That simple. Of course, you have to edit it by going to each & every slide. But most of the grunt work is done for you. You need to do the polishing & finishing.

Some of the other benefits of Invideo are copyright free images & videos. Some of them are free & some of them are paid. But still it’s very convenient to have everything in a place.

Transparent stickers are available if you want to use that. The team is continuously updating the software. So that is another benefit you get.

All in all, if you have anything to do with videos, you need to get this.