Few months ago, one of the builders hired me for improving their marketing & advertising.

He was already investing good amount in display advertising.

His marketing was all right – but those were essentially ‘image’ ads or what I call ‘Eye Candy’ ads. (Eye Candy ads are those which are good to see at, but does nothing or very less to generate enquiries.)

Secondly, there was no system for recording or processing enquiries effectively. In fact, we gathered around 7 Registers & note books & 3 pocket diaries & 4 Loose pages – And then transferred enquiries from there  into the enquiries System I devised for them.

After that thing was cleared, we started working on lead generation campaigns. I created 4 simultaneous Campaigns & we launched them all. I cannot give you details of the mediums or methods due to confidently agreement but understand that all Medias were used in very non – traditional way.

We call it Direct Response Advertising – Which is way different than the regular ads you see in papers or in other Medias.

Now pl remember that we have already established Enquiry Recording systems in place. So as soon as prospective customers started calling in, they were entered into the system.

I’ve very happy to tell you that we’ve increased Calls: Visit Ratio dramatically. They even had highest ever walk-in in a day in whole year (excluding the project launch day).

Again the visitors were not let go empty handed.

They were given ‘Visitor’s Kit’ when they left.

This kit contains very persuasive marketing pieces that we’ve developed for them. Ad brochures were ONLY 1 composed in this kit.

Then each & every visitor went into different sequence of follow-up. For the non-visited enquiries we had different sequence of follow-up.

This step-by-step these prospects were taken to booking stages. All in all, we have around 22 contacts / steps developed – right from 1st phone call to final booking & then beyond that!

Of course, the credit goes to my Builder Client & his whole Sales team. But they will happily agree that my strategies helped them a lot!