Returning to the illustration, Lesson II, we take up the second form of ignorance, and endeavor to crowd out ignorance of human nature by a knowledge of human nature.


When we speak of the triune-man, we mean the outer and visible body, or physical man, the mind or mental man, and the soul, or spiritual man. We have told you that the first step to a sale is to attract favorable attention. We will now consider the body, mind and soul in relation to personal attraction. Remember that all reference to Body, Mind and Soul, made in this study, is for the sole purpose of determining the part each takes during the transaction we call “a sale.” Body The “physical man” or body, is the present habitation of the mind and soul, through which they find expression.

It is attractive in proportion the beauty and strength of mind and soul and its growth and safety depend upon the care with which they watch over it. The body is the machine of the mind and soul, through the senses it conveys to the mind the attitude of the purchaser, then in turn carries out such movements as the mind directs. For instance, shaking hands.

The bodily attractions are health, cleanliness, form, features and dress.

● Health is attractive. It radiates from its possessor, it inspires confidence, it assures us that there is ability to accomplish great things. Therefore it is necessary that the salesman realize the importance of Physical health as an attraction.

● Cleanliness promotes health; gives a feeling of buoyancy and self- respect. Bodily cleanliness should extend from the tip of the toes to the finger nails and penetrate to the ears and teeth. Hence this is where to begin to make yourself attractive. If not scrupulously clean at this moment, put yourself in that condi- tion before you meet anyone else. The test is to examine your teeth and finger nails.

● The symmetrical form is in itself an attraction and can be preserved and improved by care and judicious exercise.