SEO – Search Engine Optimization in simple words by leading SEO company in India. Everything you wanted to know about SEO & then some more

In this article, we'll see what is SEO in simple words that are easy to understand this rather complex & pretty technical concept.

  • What is SEO?
  • How to do it?
  • Why you need to do it for your website?
  • What are the factors affecting SEO?
  • Who should do it -you or some specialist?

So let's start . . .

What is SEO?

When you search for anything in search engines such as Google & Bing, the search engine gives you results based on your search words.

These search words are called as 'keywords'. We'll see how it looks in Google. But it is more or less same in various other search engines too.

search result img

Now, Google shows you different results on a single page. These includes –

Organic Listings – These are natural search results. In SEO, we work on getting these natural or Top 100 results.

Normally, these are 10 results. It is called as Top 10 ranks or Page 1 Ranks.

In newspaper, you can think these as actual news.

Paid Ads / Paid Listings – Businesses Pay Google & other search engines to get Prime positions on Page 1 or subsequent pages. These are often placed at the Top, Bottom or Right side of organic results.

If you care to Look closely, you'll see that these are marked as 'Ad'.

The funny thing is many people don't know about this. So they confuse paid Ads with organic Ranks.

Paid Ads is altogether very different concept & vary vast. If you want to learn more about Google Adwords (Paid Ads), then Pls refer this article on Paid advertising.

Other Listings – In addition to organic results & paid ads, Google may show following things.

Maps – For local searches [Local Search = keyword + city], Google shows map searches. It assumes that since the person is searching with 'City name' he or she may want to find the location as well as route to that business

Video Listings – If your 'Keyword' includes some type of 'How to' question, then Google may show you videos for that keyword. This is very common.

Pls note that, getting a video listing on Page 1 is as good or sometimes even better than getting organic 'plain' listing.

Image Listings – Just like Videos, if you keyword indicates or includes images, then Google will show you 'image Listings'

Similar to videos, getting this also helps in getting more traffic to your website.

Business Listings – If your business is listed width Google & you've verified it, then that helps in getting into Business Listings.

When someone searches with your 'Business Listing'. This is especially important when people searches using your Business Name.

This is all about How Google & other search engines display results when we type any keyword or query to search.

The purpose of SEO of your website is 'to get your Website's Listings into any or all of these Listings' on either Page 1, Page 2 or Page 3. In other words, make Google include your website into Top 10, Top 20 & Top 30 results is the purpose of SEO.

Why only Top 30?

Because a normal person will not go beyond 30 results to look for something on internet. Either he'll find it in those 30 results or he'll change the keyword to get better results.

Why you need to do it for your Website?

Well known research shows that –

People Look for 2-3 Pages result & very rarely they go beyond 3rd Page. So if your website is not in Top 30 or better in Top 10 then they will never know about your website. If they don't know about your Website, then they'll never visit it. & you'll lose their business to your competition who is on 1st Page in Google.

Perpetual Traffic – Another reason is, SEO gives you perpetual & regular traffic, almost ! Unlike paid ads, your website keeps on getting this residual traffic as long as your site is in Top 30 Listings.

Contrary to the belief that SEO is free, it requires huge investment of time, efforts & money. It's not easy task especially for 'high competition keywords'.

Quality of Traffic – People who knows about organic rankings, click on the natural listings. They avoid clicking on ads altogether! So you get quality visitors to your website. This may result in definitely better conversions down the line.

These are the major reasons why you should do SEO for your business Website.

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What are the factors affecting SEO?

According to Google, there are more than 200 factors that affects SEO rankings of you website.

ranking factors img

For our purpose in this simple understanding we'll divide all these into 2 categories –

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO

It means Content on your website.

Most crucial part of SEO & Website in general is what is there on your Website?

Better the content you have, Better will be your SEO rankings – if you pay attention to other factors also – especially 'off-page SEO'

But as a thumb rule – you should have good quality, keyword reach & original content on your site.

Let's see each one by one.

Good Quality

Your content i.e, text, videos, image must be of utmost quality that you can create. The main purpose of Google is to show it's searches best & relevant results. So that they will get what they are looking for.

And if Google fails to give it to them, they will prefer other search engines. Google never wants that to happen. So it shows most relevant & highest quality results for the searches.

If your webpages do not have good quality & context-rich content, then Google will never show that in Top 10 or Top 30 results. Your site will be there but it will be invisible for 99.9% of the world.

Keyword Reach Content

Your content must include 'Keywords' that your prospective visitors are or will be searching. But you can't just repeat your keyword for, say 100 times & rank the page. No. That is called as keyword stuffing – which is an age-old technique. It don't work now.

You should use keywords in proper context of the subject matter. The visitor should feel that the keyword is in it's natural place & context.

The search engine should feel that the keywords used are most appropriate.

You may or may not know this – but search engines use AI – i.e, Artificial Intelligence technology & It can understand context to a greater depth than most humans can.

So it pays to have properly written & created keyword reach content – not only for search engines but for your visitors.

One of the mistake that novice SEO people do is they write content for search engines & expect to get visitors.

You should do exactly opposite – Write content for visitors & search engines will follow when you include other SEO factors in your SEO.

Original Content

Nothing is worse than having 'Duplicate Content' on your weba pages. At times, it's better to have ot content than have content that is copy-pasted from somewhere on the web!

One must understand the importance of having original content on the website pages. Duplicate content is direct indication of Laziness on website owner's part.

At the same time it is insulting for your visitors. Insult of their intelligence.


By showing them something that they can find at so many other places. If they can get that info at any other place, then why would they come & visit your webpage? They won't

Thirdly, search engines are much-much smarter. than us!

It can immediately come to know whether your content is original or not.

Don't believe this? Take this simple test.

Step 1 – Copy any two complete lines from you Webpage.

Step 2 – Go to Google & Put double inverted comma at the start & end of your lines Posted above.

Step 3 – Click on search or Push 'Enter Button'.

If your content or those two lines are original, then Google will show you ONLY your webpages!

If your content is NOT original, then Google will show 10 or 100 or 1000 Pages that has some content !

& It does all that in fraction of seconds!

So the simple question if if you are using 'duplicate content' on your website pages, will Google rank you website?

The answer is Big NO.

It's best practice to use only & only original. High quality & keyword rich, contextual content on your website pages.

But having content is not enough. These are other multiple factors that affects your SEO results. Your need to consider those also.

On – Page SEO Factors

As stated above, there are many factors that affect your onpage SEO. This is in itself a vast topic. So I'll just list these factors here. If you are really interested in exploring these in detail, then pls chick below Links. You'll get much better understanding of these.

List of On-Page SEO factors that affect your search engine rankings.

  • Meta Tags
  • Links to other Pages on your Website¬†– Interlinking
  • H1, H2, H3 Tags
  • HTML errors.

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Off Page SEO

Although on – page SEO factors are crucial, off page SEO factors plays an important part in ranking your website.

Before going further, you need to understand how search engines work. These search engines do NOT rank whole website. It ranks your individual website pages. So when we talk about optimizing your website, we actually optimize your individual web pages. This distinction is crucial. There might be some pages on your website that ranks very well. But there might be some pages that won't rank at all.

This is quite natural. Because Google has to show ALL relevant web pages to the searchers. It cannot & will not show only one website !

Now, that you understand let's see the off-page SEO factors.

Back links

Back links is 800 pound Gorilla in SEO world !

Your site's rankings – to a greater extent – depends upon the back links it has from other sites.

What are back links exactly?

Back link is a link on other website that is directed to your website!

Let me give your different analogy.

Consider about the election. The candidates who gets maximum number of votes, wins the election. In SEO, back links are like votes. Whoever has more votes, more back links wins Top 10 rankings.

In SO, whoever has more back links, Quality back links & contextual back links wins.

Note that all three are factors of back links are important – Quantity, Quality & Context !

Quality & Back links – As seen above, the more back links your site has better will be your in relation to quality & context of the back links. You can not & should not go blindly & get as many back links as you can. It will hurt your rankings rather helping it.

But as a thumb rule – your site needs more back links than those websites pages that are ranking better than yours.

Quantity & Back links – Which site is linking to your website is crucially important. Without going into details, if the site has authority & then links to your site it's better for your rankings.

But if the site that is linking to your website is of not good authority, then it will not help your rankings. So it's always better to get links from high quality, high authority websites.

Context of Back links – Rajesh

Now, you have more knowledge about SEO than other So called experts out there. So what you would do from here?

You can do either of these 2 things –

Start doing SEO yourself OR

Hire SEO company in India like Adman to do it for you..

Whatever way you chose, we'll be happy for you because you have taken action.

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Once we get your details, we'll analyze your website. Then if we feel that we can help you in doing SEO for your site, we'll tell you.

So, then we'll start.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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