13 magazine advertising Secrets that will skyrocket your response

A magazine – technically speaking, is a periodically published bunch of pamphlets & stories & articles grouped together.
Generally magazines contains lots & lots of advertisements that are specifically targeted to the readers.

Almost every niche to interest area has magazines that are regularly read by the interested eager readers.

Considering readers’ interest, magazine advertising could be a laser targeted weapon for good many products and services.
In 1731, first magazine “The Gentlemens magazine” was published. This is probably the earliest regular magazine published in the world. Since then advertisers has kept on publishing ads is magazines.

Some magazines are local & some are not so local. But  depending upon the product’s reach magazine advertising has attracted local business, large businesses, retailers & what not!

Again, frequency & longevity of magazine is an attractive preposition for businesses. One cannot advertise every day in newspapers. Also it’s difficult to reach say all over country with newspaper advertising.

That’s when magazine advertising chimes in. It’s like going from masses to classes – and that too, targetted classes.

So rapid has been the growth of the magazine advertising and so many are the number of advertising pages in the magazines, that some conservative advertisers have suggested the doubt that there be much real business bringing value in ads crowded in magziness.

Advertisers have recognised tha value of magazine advertising and still believe in it if it is preferred position.
Magazine advertising is not for faint – hearted businessman. Because he cannot climb over the solid business wall of profitable advertising which has been supported by repeat advertisers who are shrewd as well as smart.

Overwhelming majority has proven that magazine advertising is profitable.

13 magazine advertising Secrets that will skyrocket your response–

Magazine Advertising Secret 01 –

Knowledge of Human Nature. Nowadays, anyone who can type or even copy & paste – can write acceptable magazine article which is readable.

But it takes herculean efforts to write on ad that will compete with content; then make it read & then make the reader take desired action.

The ad writer must have keen sense of human nature & use it in preparing magazine ads.

Tip 02 – Plain, common sense statements

People don’t use 100 dollar words in day-to-day life.
So one must not use them in ads. It makes very difficult to grasp the message given in anad.
On the other hand, many of the ads are considered as business art. They may not work along the lines of literature, they may not be poetenical or aesthetic. But they are plain, common sense statments, of more or less business facts, so arranged typographical & otherwise, as to force into themselves readers and to come out the winners in the race of business. Such ads wins & are profitable too.

Tip 03 – Quality over Quantity

Almost every magazine contain hundreds of ads, But still some ads are read & some not. Some ads generate profits & new business while others fade away.

It is simply quantity over quantity and quality always wins. Here quality simply means ad copy & overall message in it – not merely design and colors.

Tip 04 –

Trust, reliability transferred throng your ads.

Most of the magazines use four color printing. So it’s very tempting to use as many colors as possible.

But one must consider the message that is being transffered through colors, design & copy.

Many of the ads simply do not have headline or other trust factors. This is bad and should be avoided in magazine ads.

Tip 05 – Tell, tell & Tell again

Magazine advertisements must tell the women & men where to obtain the desirable articles of every kind, and they should fo further, They must suggest to them, argue with them, and in the majority of cases really give benefits to them.

Tip 06 – present Facts

People read magazins for reason, for a pupose. They are interested in authoritative, authentic, & researched informative knowledge, facts backed up with figures. When they find the same in your ads, they read it thoroughly with attection. Else, they simply fo to next article that shows them how to & facts about the topic.

Make your ads ‘Fact rich’ see the profitablity soar.

Tip 07 – Differentiate

You cannot stop your competitors advertising in the the magazine in which you are advertising. It maybe their ads will be very next to your ads. So what to do in this case?

Simple – Differentiate.

Make your ads different than theirs. There are many ways to do this.

Tip 06 – Provide value in ad itself

So long as magazines keep up their apparent high grade, and so long as they are illustred in the highest stype of the designer’s art, they will sell period.

Their curiulation will constantly increase, even if people do not find within their reading pages a single article which they really enjoy. Still they’ll sell.

Imagine, when the readers find more value in your ads than in the articles? They will devour every word of your ad. They will come to you for more value.


Marketing & advertising is testing.

If you are not testing various components of your ads, then you are leaving money on table.
On the other hand, when you test your ads against the controls, you improve the profitability as well as response from your magazine ads.

Tip 09 – Measure desired response

Agreed that, you can not measure or check the sales volume generated from magazine ads (although you can), you must check the response that you wanted from the ads over a period of time.

Your desired response could be – increased brand awareness, increased retailer’s orders or simply inquiries.
But measure you want.

Tip 10 – Remember – it’s cumulative advertising.

Magazine advertising is naturally cumulative, that is, a fair proportion of the readers read two or three, or all of the issues of the same magazine OR they read 2-3 similar niche magazines. Therefore they are liable to see same ads over & over again.
This adds strength to advertising.

A certain amount of cumulative advertising is positively necessary laution – It can be carried too far, but it better be carried too far than not far enough.

Tip 11 – large Space

Loss magazine space does not give advertisers chance to tell an intelligent story, nor to use type font large enough to be read without difficulty.

So as much space as you can & then use it intelligently.

Tip 12 – Be brief only as short to tell couple story.

Breavity is name of the game. But it should never be an excuse for not giving complete preposition in the ad. So be brief as log as you are able to tell complete message planned.

Don’t be brief just for the sake of brevity.

Tip 13 – Too artistic, too aesthetic is not good.

No matter how high toned the magazine may be, the majority of the readers are not high toned people. So don’t be too artistice, otherwise your ad will go over their heads.

The popular idea that the high grade magazine goes only to the highest grade of people, if true, would be the death-blow to the magazines.The intelligent people to the upper class will read all these high grade magazines. But if the magazine depended upon them, and only upon them for circulation, it would not have enough circularion to pay its paper bill.
The great middle class, are the readers of the magazines, for they are the people who make every thing is business possible.
Make your ads for them, too.

Tip 14 – Plain English & Simple Sentences

Plain English and simple sentences are far more artistic in the standard of true art, than chains of words of eleborate constructions such as slogans.

The advertising pages of magazines are not the display of rhetoric and classical education. They are simply for the presentation of fact, so thoroughly mixed with simplicity, that the whole appearance is as simple as the alphabet, and as delightful to read as robinson crusoe.

Tip 15 – Use images, illustrations Sparingly

Since magazines are printed on very good paper stock & with CMYK 4 color printing technolofy, does not mean that each & every ad should have photos or illustrations in it.

These are classes of businesses which cannot illustrated their products.

Eg – How obsured it would be to attempt to show heating qualities of a steam bouiler by showing actual photograph! of course you can use sharts & graphs but still use them if it’s absolutely necessary to do so.

Better use the space for argument, or set set the advertisement in large type, than to fill it with in appropriate or unprofitable illustrations / images.

Tip 16 – Use ‘Reader Profile’ from magazine publishers.

This again seems to be common sense. But you’d be surprised to know that very few advertisers ask the publishers for detailed profile of their readers.

One can only imagine how valuable it would be for a good ad writer. She can really improve the profitability of ads many times over.
There you have it. 13 of the best tips to make your magazine advertising as much profitable as possible. If  you like this article, pl share it with others.