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Some 3 -4 Weeks back I got a call from a Builder he was complaining that some of the buyers are cancelling their purchases.

Now, even 1 cancellation means huge sum of money.

So he was interested in knowing if their is anything I have or could do to stop even 1 or 2 cancellations.

I told him that there are certain fast action remedies that will help him.

But the best option is to put an iron cage around his customers. Not literally. It's a metaphor.

Naturally, he was interested in both. So we Discussed for length about immediate actions.

For 2nd part i.e avoiding cancellation altogether, I sent him a Special Report that I've published 8-10 years ago.

Its title is Rajesh Gurule's 'No Cancellations – How to reduce cancellations'.

He was quite happy to receive it and instructed his team to start implementing my advice for their new buyers.

I am NOT saying you have the same problem. But if you want to avoid some of the future cancellations, then you must get this Business Report.

Best of all, I am giving this to you as my gift – just to get acquainted.

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I would love to get your thoughts on this. Pl let me know how you find this Special report.

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