Once you have basic system for managing & growing your practice, then comes a time when your monthly revenue strategies. Whatever you do, the revenue remains almost same. We feel that somewhere there is sort or ceiling – which is pretty hard to break.

You try to find ways. But most of the times, you look at the conventional ways like increase number of patients, increase fees, add more specialty equipments or add more wards to your hospital. These things help – but not much.

If you have ever faced this in your practice or are facing it now then you are in for a treat. Because I am going to give you very powerful strategy to increase your revenue. You probably have not heard about this – at least not in the way I am going to describe it today.

I always promote ethical & moral ways to grow your practice. So is this any different than what I preach? Of course not. This also belongs to the same principles that I am very fine an- keeping your patients first – always!

Your patients will get most benefits from this. So without losing your night’s sleep. You can help your patients with the continuity program.

The Anatomy of continuity program
First, let’s see what is a continuity care program. Normally, patients come to see you for some problem. You check them & them prescribe course of medicine & treatment . Considering that you are consultant \specialist this treatment is for few months means ,the patient needs to fallow the treatment for 6 month 3 month or 12 months It’s important that the patient should come for regular follow-up & do some tests & take medicines regularly. Because that is how he’ll be well & tree from that disease.

But sadly this does not happen.

Patients- for various reasons – do think & decide on their own when to stop the treatment when to discontinue medicine etc. This happens very regularly . I have seen statistics in practices where Doctor suggest fallow-up after 1 month for almost 300-400 patients & only 100-150 (Less than 50% ) turns up for fallow up.

The reasons could be –
• Patients have financial problems ( very very rarely)
• Patients do not understand seriousness of the disease
• Patient think fallow-up treatment is not important
• Patients find it inconvenient to come on designated day
• Patients switch to other Doctor.
• Patients think he is cured so no need for follow up treatment
• Patients simply forget about the follow-up

There may be other reasons, but these are the ones I found occurring more frequently. If you give them a little more thought, you’ll see almost all of these reasons can be made invalid. Even the financial problem one too


With the help of . . .
Continuity care program

You devise certain tools in CCP (continuity care program )& you or your stall use them to help your patients .

The main component’s are-
1 CCP Details in printed brochure\booklet- there you explain all the details , what, how & why to the patients . This is THE most important part in CCP  so you must be very careful @ what you put into it.

2 Calendar –  printed A printed calendar with future follow-up appointments marked on it. This helps patients in remembering about the fallow up.

3 Detailed explanation – Detailed explanation about the problem, disease treatment . This you can provide in audio\video format
or in printed one.

4 The reminder – A simple  sms or phone call will help your patients remembering the fallow up These all are main components of CCP.

Now we talked about patient’s benefits. But how is this going to increase your revenues? Let’s discuss that.

A hypothetical scenario
• You see 10 patients every day 250 a month .
• About 80% patients needs 6 fallow up in next 12 months =80% of 250 =200 patients.
• Out of 250 patients , 150 are new & 100 are fallow up.
• So every month 100 pts follow your treatment & 100 pts do not follow your treatment.
• Considering your consulting fees at Rs 300 for 1 st  visit & Rs 200 for follow up visit.
• After implementing CCP in your practice, we succeed in bringing 50% of the  100 pts who do not do follow-up = 50 pts every month.

Refer to the table below. You’ll have complete idea from it.

(This is an ideal scenario considering few variable. Actual figures may be much much more than this)

So In say 12 month additional revenue = Rs 2,10,000. Rs 2,10,000 in extra found money. For some of you this is Not big amount .

Let’s play a Game of – What if

Try to answer following questions-
– What if we increase no of Pts from 50 to 75?
– What if – we increase new patients from 150 to 200?
– What if patients need 9 follow ups instead of 6?
– What if we increase your follow up fees by Rs 100?
& so on . It’s fun. Simply put the various figures in above table. And see where could this take your practice revenue.

Now I gave you everything needed wrt continuity program in your practice ?

This one strategy could pay for your annual fees in my consulting charges many times over.& I have arsenal of such profits
boosting strategies.

So start today with your own continuity program.