“Kinky Boots” is a story about a young hero who inherits a shoes manufacturing company from his father. I saw this movie on some movie channel very late one night.

But I am glad I did. Because today I am able to share it with you all Doctors.

First, the story.

So, this hero starts working in the factory. Soon he find out that sales are way-way-way down. It gives a shock to him. Because their shoes are of the Best quality. In fact the slogan of their brand was “It lasts lifetime”. Means once you buy these nice, formal shoes-you don’t need to buy another pair in your life.

The only problem was nobody wanted to purchase their shoes. And so No store wanted to stock them. Obviously, it was their main channel of distribution. So he decides to cut the costs to maintain the payroll and keep the company afloat.

In a single evening he makes a list of employees to fire – total 16. He fires first 15 in a Span of 3-4 hrs. The 16 th employee – the heroine – she asks him a question,

“What else can you do?”

He listens to her question and then . . . fires her.

But that question keep hammering in his mind. And soon he finds the answer in the most unusual & hard-to-imagine place. He gets acquainted with a transvestite man.

Transvestite – are people who enjoys wearing clothes of other sex.In this case he meets a man who is a professional ‘Lady Singer’ in a transvestite club. Our hero observes that he is wearing very differentkind of shoes – ‘Kinky Boots’

Long story short – our Hero decides to manufacture shoes by abandoning their regular, formal quality shoes altogether! Everyone in the factory opposes him initially, but later he wins their support.

He hires this same person as his ‘Designer Consultant’; makes him stay in the factory. Then they take their shoes to the world’s most prestigious & famous ‘shoe show’ in Italy.

As it turns out, their ‘Kinky Boots’ steal & dominate the entire show and naturally it writes their future success story, too.

Ok. All Right.

I agree it is a bizarre story & the odd film, too. So why am I telling you this?

The main reason is I want to emphasis VERY important point in your brains. And that is there is Riches in niches!

“Riches in Niches”

If you really, really, really want to grow your practice to great levels, than you must segmentize your patients. Then for each segment you must develop a separate marketing plan. Each segment must be treated as individual specialty”

Maybe you need to develop “Clinic within Clinic” when you actually get this. I did this for 8-10 of my Doctor Client’s practices. And it is one of the most wise decision we’ve made there. So think how you can work this same strategy in your practice.